Top 10 Tips for Website Design

In Design by Big Bear

So you’re thinking of redesigning your website, but don’t know where to start?

There are so many elements to think about and so many tasks that a website can be used for, but start with this; what do you want to achieve from your website?

Below are 10 top tips (okay so we ended up with 11… let’s call it the bonus tip!) for what to consider when putting your website together…

1. Make sure your pages load fast. Too many fancy images and videos slow things down and distract from what you really want your viewers to see.

2. Use really obvious navigation. Simplicity is the key to this; its obvious! Don’t try to be clever as you will simply frustrate your viewers.

3. Write your words with your visitor in mind. Cut the jargon and make your message clear. The last thing you want to do is alienate someone before they’ve even got past your homepage.

4. Repeat your call to action throughout your pages. Every page needs to move your visitor on to the next step. Think about the customer journey through your site.

5. Use video. It is that simple! More and more people consume their information by watching it. Video is engaging and exciting. Keep them short, sweet, and simple!

6. Design with the end in mind. You are not trying to win design awards (at least you shouldn’t be)! Design is there to sell. Think about what you want to acheive from your website and stick to it!

7. Use testimonials. They are the biggest sales converter; people want to feel that you are a safe bet. Testimonials encourage trust and show that other people (just like them) have had a positive experience using your services.

8. Offer a guarantee. Work out what you can promise and let people know; it adds trust. People will always ask WIIFM! What’s In It For Me?

9. Provide a way for visitors to interact. They may not all be ready to pick up the phone. Think of multiple ways for your customers to get in touch with you and make these easy for people to do.

10. Complete the ‘alien’ testing. Ask someone who doesn’t know what you do to test the site. Does it flow and make sense to them? Ask for feedback and take it all on board; after all, your potential customer could be just like them!

And one extra because I’m feeling nice, and it’s almost definitely the most important tip of all…

11. Make sure your website is mobile responsive. So many people are browsing the web on smartphones and tablets these days that if your site doesn’t show up correctly, people are impatient and you will lose this work to your competitors.

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