Facebook function’s no more!

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Why… why… why?

Using Facebook for your business can definitely be a useful tool in finding new prospects, keeping in touch with old ones as well as discussing things with current clients. Above all, though, Facebook is all about building relationships. As we mentioned in our earlier post Social Secretssocial media should be treated like one giant, online, networking event.

But what happens when the social media platforms you love make changes?

Sometimes it’s a good change, but just as often they change something that doesn’t benefit you at all; at least not straight away!

One example of this is Facebook’s gradual destruction of the ‘Use Facebook as’ feature that many of you with business pages would have been so familiar with. If anything this feature was demanding growth, as many people wanted Facebook to incorporate this into its mobile version and Apps as well as the familiar desktop function.

So what does Facebook do in response?

They get rid of it. Gone. Nothing. Nada. Now as always I’m sure that Facebook believe they have a good reason for doing this, but at the outset it just makes using Facebook for your business that much more of a pain the ass! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a series of hints and tips on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BigBearHQ/ on how to get the most out of using Facebook as your business page, without the familiar function of simply ‘using Facebook as’ your business page.

Our first tip is all about liking another Page as your own. Why not take a look?!

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