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Social Secrets

In Marketing, Social Media by Big Bear

What really are the secrets behind successful social media marketing? Do you need to be a social media guru to do it successfully?

The real answer to these questions are that there is no real secret, and no you don’t need to be some sort of social media guru to do it successfully! If you’re good with people then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to market your business successfully through social media.

That being said we do have a few hints and tips to get you going on your way!

1. Listen

This is one of the most important things you can do when starting out on social media. Just like when you’re talking to someone face to face, you can’t tell them what they want to hear unless you’ve listened to them in the first place. Good social media is all about having a conversation, and conversations without any listening aren’t really conversations at all!

2. Ask Questions

We’ve already mentioned that good social media is all about having a conversation. Well great conversations often involve great questions! People engage with questions and like to share their opinions.

3. Respond

If someone responds to your question, talk to them! After all if you were face to face with that person and they said something to you, it would be quite rude to just stand there in silence! This is also true if someone asks you a question or simply posts something to you when you haven’t asked them a question.

4. Turn frowns upside down!

No one likes receiving a bad review, but if someone complains about you or your business on social media, respond to them. People are often afraid of making things worse, but the truth is that responding to a complaint on social media is the best opportunity to make it right. Not only that, but responding in public shows everyone else that you’re happy to apologise when necessary and make it right. Large companies are great at using this to positive effect.

5. Images

There is an old saying that an image paints a thousand words. Whether true or not images can be extremely powerful when trying to portray a certain message. Choose the right image and it can make a world of difference.

6. Video

Just as images are powerful, videos can be great for creating engagement on social media. People are often impatient online, but will still take the time to watch a well crafted video that pips their interest. Try experimenting with different types of videos; both the funny and the serious ones can work.

7. Repetition

No matter what you’ve heard or read there is no harm in repetition. If something you’ve posted was particularly popular then there is no harm in posting it again within a relatively short period of time. If people keep engaging with it, you can keep repeating it! Once people stop engaging though, then its time to stop.

8. There is no right/wrong!

This is the most important tip we can give. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to social media marketing. Think of like attending a networking event; talk to people, listen to people and engage with people. If there really is a secret to social media then it is this… people. Be a person on social media, not just a robot posting information!

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