VICI Languages France

The VICI Language Academy takes a fresh approach to modern languages. Launching a new service based in France, offering English Language courses to the employees of French companies, they realised that they needed a separate website for VICI Languages France catering specifically for their French audience.

I sometimes feel like Steve is in my head when we work on projects and I try to put some ideas through to him! He is very creative and very thorough; he works in such a professional manner and within time and budget allocated too. Hiring Big Bear in the last few months to revamp our business’ image online has been the best decision we’ve had!”

We like to talk about the Big Bear Difference. One of those differences, with this project, is that we took the time to ensure we knew and understood what all of their website content was saying (even if our French is a little rusty around the edges)! This meant that just like when we’re designing a site in English, we could ensure that all the appropriate call to actions and prompts were in place to create an intuitive and friendly user experience. After all, design is about far more than just the aesthetics!

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